some WeChat Official accounts articles are long and requirede deep reading. Kindle is a great tool for reading.

There are two way to push the WeChat Official accounts to Kindle.

Photo by Usukhbayar Gankhuyag / Unsplash

I. Active push

Advantage: Official recommendation method, fool-like operation,.Disadvantage: need to be manually pushed, suitable for reading later .

focus on WeChat Official accounts "Amazon Kindle Service", from the bottom menu bar "Binding Gifts", enter "Send to kindle" and follow the tutorial.

II.RSS subscription

Advantage: It is suitable to push many articles to the Kindle . Disadvantage: Toss, need to buy server and Kindle4RSS

  1. Tools: RSSHub , Kindle4RSS , gas , VPS or cloud servers.

  2. Method: Use RSSHub to generate RSS for articles on gas,and push them to the Kindle use Kindle4RSS.

  3. Steps:
    a. Deploy RssHub. See the official tutorial , Node.js version need updated to V10.0,. Once the installation is successful, you can see t"Welcome to RSSHub! "Welcome to RSSHub! from http://your ip:1200
    b. Obtain the WeChat public account articles RSS. Enter the gas and search for the public number. Go to the public number page, find the id in the URL, generate the RSS address http://IP:1200/wechat/wasi/5b5adaf358e5c4583338eace
    routing: /wechat/wasi/:id
    Parameters: id, gas id, can search the public number in gas , open public number page, find the id in URL

  4. Go to Kindle4RSS and copy the RSS address to the subscription box. Select "Forced to Full Text".

  5. It is recommended to disable personal document archiving under Amazon's Content and Device Management Personal Document Archive* column, otherwise the daily file will accumulate in the Amazon cloud space, even if you have deleted it on the Kindle.